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Paper lanterns have long been a part of Chinese culture.  Read the following excerpt on paper lanterns (or have an adult help you read it) to learn more about the history of these beautiful lanterns.

Now that you know a little bit more, it’s time to create a lantern of your own.  There are three videos below, each one is a little more difficult. Start off with the easy lantern, then challenge yourself to the more complex ones.  All you need for this craft is some paper (colored or white), a pair of scissors and either glue, tape or a stapler!

Liven up your living space by creating several Chinese paper lanterns and hanging them from a string.  Get creative with the process, ask yourself these questions:

  • What other kind of paper could I use?
  • What else could I use to decorate the lantern?
  • Could I put a Chinese symbol on the lantern?
  • How could I make it look like there was a fire inside?
Return completed activities to campus between August 14th-23rd.

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