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The Chang Jiang River is the world’s third longest river and flows through China to the East China Sea.  The river has served as a means of transportation, water, food and recreation for years. To learn more about the Chang Jiang, follow the link below and read about this amazing river.

Kung Fu is a term that refers to Chinese martial arts.  The original meaning of Kung Fu refers to any discipline or skill that can be achieved through hard work and practice, not necessarily martial arts.  However, in modern times, Kung Fu generally refers to martial arts especially after the release of multiple King Fu movies including Kung-Fu Panda. Would you like to learn some Shaolin King Fu moves?  Follow the link below to join in on a beginner class. Feel free to stop go back in the video whenever you need to in order to master a move. Good luck!

After following along with the video you probably have a better idea of why Kung Fu refers to something that you need hard work and practice to learn.  On a sheet of paper, write about your experience participating in the beginner Kung Fu class, then write down the top three reasons you would think it takes hard work and practice to become a Kung Fu master.  

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