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Is Your Child on Track? Here's how to Check

Here's a quick checklist of important developmental milestones. If you have any questions or concerns about what your child is able to do, talk to your pediatrician: 

  • By 3 months old my baby reaches for items and grasps, smiles back at me or other family members, makes sounds like babbling
  • By 6 months old my baby reaches for things and picks them up, rolls over front to back and back to front, repeats vowel sounds like ooh
  • By 9 months old my baby copies sounds or gestures, moves toys from one hand to the other, sits unassisted
  • By 12 months old my baby looks for an object if I hide it from them, walks by holding on to furniture, says one or two words
  • By 15 months my baby holds a crayon in a fist, points to pictures of familiar items that I name, walks alone
  • By 18 months my babyfeeds themselves sometimes, steps off low objects and keeps their balance, can name objects
  • By 24 months my baby uses two to three words together, feeds themselves with a spoon, runs short distances without falling
  • By 3 years old my baby walks up steps, puts on their clothes, repeats simple songs and rhymes

Content provided in part by the Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services, Division for Early Childhood Intervention Services.