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Feedback Sought on Revised 2020-21 Proposed Instructional Calendar Options

Spring ISD has unveiled two new revised calendar options for the 2020-21 school year as it looks to return to a more traditional calendar that would end the school year in early June. 

Both proposals will also be presented to the district’s Advisory Committee on Education (ACE) and the Board of Trustees for their input. Survey results will be presented to the trustees in October before a final calendar is approved.

“We heard from our parents, staff and students that ending the school year in late June will pose challenges,” said Spring ISD Superintendent Rodney E. Watson. “We think these two new proposals will help address those concerns and help us leverage our ability to pivot to remote learning as needed, whether it’s for COVID-19 or weather.”

The two calendar options presented differ from the current calendar in that the last day of school for all  students would be June 4. Both calendar proposals would allow an earlier end to the school year because they reduce the intersession breaks, which were intended to build in time in case the district needed to close down because of COVID-19. In addition, neither calendar proposal includes the week off before Thanksgiving, again giving the district the instructional time needed for an earlier end to the school year. 

Other key changes:

  • Option 1 builds in two short intersession breaks in October-November and in February. 
  • Option 2 eliminates the Fall intersession but does include one in February. 

Both calendar options are made possible through the District of Innovation designation awarded to Spring ISD by the Texas Education Agency. Please note, intersession/intervention breaks may be used for optional targeted instruction for students who need extra help. Neither students nor teachers would be required to participate. 

The revised 2020-21 Instructional Calendar Survey is located on the Spring ISD website at and will remain open through Sunday, Oct. 4.


The survey results along with a calendar recommendation will be presented to the Spring ISD Board of Trustees for consideration at the regular meeting in October.