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New Binder Requirements 2019-2020

Your child will need a binder to keep throughout the school year. Please ensure once your child learns how to set up their binder that they take good care of it and keep it in good condition as it will need to last all year long. The purpose of the binder is to help with organization, which is a skill that will begin to prepare our students for college and careers. It is also a form of communication between parents and teachers.

There will be a binder checklist (rubric) from the teacher. The binder will have important information from school or the classroom, homework, graded projects, planners (provided by the school), etc. It will also need a zipper pocket where you can also include notes, lunch money, etc. This binder must go home each night and return to school each morning. Please discuss the importance of of your child being responsible to take care of the binder and taking it to and from school. 

Binder Supply List (requirement) 

  • 3 inch binder with pocket inserts (any color)
  • 7 tab subject dividers (teachers will decide what goes behind each divider)
  • Zipper pouch (preferably with holes)
  • Pens/Pencils
  • Notebook paper (wide rule)
  • Planners (the school will only provide one planner per student) 
  • Only 1 binder is needed and will be used for all 7 classes.

Please ensure that you purchase the supplies for the binder, check in with your scholar daily, and establish an open line of communication with your student's teachers.