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Harris County Precinct 4 Commissioner and C-SPAN Visit Spring ISD

HOUSTON – Feb. 6, 2019 – Students at Twin Creeks Middle School were treated to a visit by Harris County Precinct 4 Commissioner R. Jack Cagle on Monday as part of the C-SPAN Bus program, which seeks to educate children about American government and the political process.

“I was asked to come here not to talk about what a good government group that I am a part of, but to talk about what it is to be an American,” Cagle told students during his two-hour visit to Twin Creeks.

Cagle has served as county commissioner for Harris County Precinct 4 since 2011, and was re-elected in 2014 and 2018. He currently represents almost 1.3 million residents. During his two-hour visit, the commissioner spoke to students about his role as a county commissioner and educated students on what it means to be an American.

“If you go back to the Declaration of Independence and what was going on during that time period, you’ll find some really cool things that were there,” said Cagle. “For me, it encapsulates why I’m proud to be an American.”

The C-SPAN Bus program was created in 1993 and has traveled throughout the country visiting schools, political events, book festivals and state capitals. Spring ISD is one of the first stops for the program this year.

“It is important for students to know about the nation they live in and their responsibilities as citizens when they grow up,” said Twin Creeks social studies teacher Eboni Jenerette. “This gives them exposure to how the government works and functions beyond the classroom.”

Students also used their time on the bus to learn more about how C-SPAN functions through their programming, including hands-on interactive stations and 360-degree videos with a variety of subjects relating to public affairs.

“This visit to Twin Creeks is very relevant and hands-on for our students,” said Twin Creeks Principal Kenisha Williams. “With history, it’s a lot of facts to remember, so for students that are engaged and able to have these hands-on experiences it is very powerful. History unfolds daily, and our students will be able to make those connections to the things they are learning in the classroom.”