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Dekaney girl students learn to consider careers in technology at DigiGirlz Day

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Dekaney High School students explore technology career options at Microsoft DigiGirlz Day
Dekaney High School students explore technology career options at Microsoft DigiGirlz Day.

HOUSTON - March 29, 2017 - Spring ISD’s Dekaney High School selected 110 female students to participate in DigiGirlz Day on March 10 at the Microsoft campus in Memorial City. The program was designed to help encourage high school girls to see a career in technology as a possibility for them and not just a male-dominated industry.

“For the ladies, this was a day to explore new horizons, and new technology. It was a day for them to see that nothing can keep them from their dreams if they make the right choices. They learned that their dreams are within their reach,” said David Baxter, Dekaney principal.

The morning started off with a series of DigiTalk speakers who motivated the girls to dream big and emphasized the important impact they can make on their communities and the world through technology. The employees and managers were able to interact with the students through exploring new device creation and a tour of the envisioning center.

Showcasing the future of design and encouraging new career pathways, the event featured Envisioning Workshop sessions that gave the girls hands-on experience and exposure in designing a mobile device app for a new restaurant.

The day ended with Microsoft specialists discussing the students’ future in technology and exploring the different facets of the Microsoft experience.

“The girls were amazing and the entire staff was awesome in giving the students an opportunity to make their mark in the world of technology,” said Trice Johnson, director of Cross Domain Solutions at Microsoft.

Baxter praised Microsoft for partnering with the school to inspire his girl students. “We hope this will be the beginning of a long partnership between Microsoft and Dekaney High School,” he said.