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Spring ISD to Host Annual Success Walk Events to Encourage Students to Re-Enroll and Promote Good Attendance

HOUSTON - Sept. 4, 2019 - Spring ISD will be working the phones on Thursday, Sept. 12 and hitting the streets on Saturday, Sept. 14 as part of its annual Success Walk to reach out to students who have not returned to school and to promote good attendance for all students.

The events will bring together teachers, administrators, district staff and community volunteers to try to locate students currently listed as no-shows for the 2019-20 school year, as well as those who might have dropped out last year or had attendance problems.

On Thursday, dozens of volunteers will staff a phone bank to try to make contact with those students and their families. On Saturday, dozens more will fan out across the Spring ISD community to knock on doors.

“It’s not too late for any student to come back to school,” said Superintendent Dr. Rodney E. Watson. “Even though the first day of school was August 14, we will welcome any child, in any grade, through our doors. The first and most important step is just coming to school.”

The Success Walk – part of the district’s EVERYday Counts, Attendance Matters campaign – will officially kick off at Westfield High School, which will host the superintendent and members of the Spring ISD Board of Trustees as a central starting place for the day’s activities.

Following the kick off at Westfield, Watson and school board members will head out to join campus volunteers to welcome and enroll students. For students with attendance concerns, staff members and volunteers will talk about the importance of coming to school every day and to address any of the obstacles that might be preventing good attendance.

“Attendance is important because students can’t learn if they are not in school,” said Dr. Lupita Hinojosa, chief of school leadership and student support services. “Our Success Walk is really an effort to encourage our students to come back to school, in spite of any past struggles. We are here to help every child be successful.”

What: 2019 Success Walk

Why: To encourage students to return to school and promote good attendance

Who: Spring ISD Superintendent Rodney Watson, administrators, staff and Spring ISD trustees

When: Saturday, Sept. 14 from 9 a.m. to noon

Where: Westfield High School, 16713 Ella Blvd, Houston, TX 77090, and then various addresses