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Sergeant Matthew Rodrigue has over 23 years of experience as a Texas peace officer. He spent the first 14 years of his career with the Harris County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office. In 2012, he was appointed as the Chief Deputy of the Montgomery County Precinct 3 Constable’s Office. 

He is a graduate of the Constable’s Leadership College at LEMIT Class # 3. He is a graduate of the Leadership Command College at LEMIT Class #86. He is a recipient of the Trilogy Leadership Award from the FBI- Law Enforcement Executive Development Association. Sergeant Rodrigue is a graduate of Chief Command Leadership from the Southern Police Institute at the University of Louisville. 

He has a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership with an emphasis on Criminal Justice. Sergeant Rodrigue has direct supervisory experience in the following areas: Patrol, K9, Narcotics Interdiction, Field Training Program, Warrants, Civil, Training Academy, Internal Affairs, Court Operations as well as agency administration.

He has extensive experience in developing agency budgets as well as policies and procedures. He served on the faculty of the Texas Justice Court Training Center at Texas State University and the faculty at the Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas at Sam Houston State University.

He is a firearms instructor as well as an ASP baton and O.C. Spray instructor. He has experience of instructing supervision and management, civil process, use of force, office operations, policy and procedures, field training officer, and basic instructor classes among others. 

Quote: "The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things" - President Ronald Reagan

Matthew Rodrigue