Learning Targets for Kindergarten

Learning Targets for Kindergarten:


  • Literacy
    • We are learning how to retell a story that is read-aloud to us.
    • We can describe characters in a story and the reasons for their actions and feelings.
    • We can retell the main parts of a story such as characters, setting, and important events.


  • Math
    • We can identify two-dimensional shapes and describe their characteristics.
    • We can create two-dimensional shapes using a different materials and drawing.
    • We can identify three-dimensional shapes.
    • We can identify two-dimensional components of three-dimensional shapes.


  • Social Studies
    • We can use words to describe location
    • We can explain the reason for national holidays and identify contributions of historical figures.
    • We can identify natural resources such as the physical characteristics of places.
  • Science
    • We can identify the characteristics of rocks.
    • We can identify the characteristics of water.
    • We can identify ways soil and water are use