Error: "An Unexpected Problem Has Occurred."


If you are working on a form and a screen appears that reads “An Unexpected Problem Has Occurred”, this means that PowerSchool Registration was unable to communicate adequately with your web browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) This communication may be blocked by a plug-in in your web browser, the server to which your web browser is connecting, or the data that has been stored in your web browser over time.

To solve this issue, make sure that your web browser can communicate with PowerSchool Registration by following the steps below.

Step-By-Step Solution 

  1. Clear the browsing data from your web browser. You can find the instructions on how to clear your browser below:
    1. Google Chrome:
    2. Mozilla Firefox:
    3. Internet Explorer:
    4. Safari:
  2. Switch to a different web browser. PowerSchool Registration works best with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, but you can try all the browsers at your disposal!
  3. Attempt to access the form from a different device. If you are using a smartphone, try switching to a tablet or desktop computer.