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STAAR Testing Resources Available

As this year comes to a close, during the last week of April, students in Spring ISD will begin our annual STAAR testing. The STAAR test is an important assessment in that it provides valuable information on how your child is progressing for each tested grade level and subject. 

For high school students, End of Course exams are required for graduation, so it’s important that students take these exams so that they stay on track for a timely graduation.

This year’s STAAR tests are more important than ever so that your child’s school can best help your student with areas of growth and areas of mastery. The data will also be used to ensure our curriculum and teaching practices are aligned to what our students need to be successful this coming year and beyond.

If you would like to work with your child at home on the mastery of skills before the test, your child can access some great instructional materials from their portal. We recommend the following resources:


  • ST Math (Math, K-5)
  • Amplify Reading (Reading, K-5)
  • Education Galaxy (Math, Science, Reading, K-5)

Middle School

  • Mathia (Math, 6-8)
  • Amplify Reading (Reading, 6-8)
  • Legends of Learning (Math, Science, 6-8)

High School

  • APEX (All STAAR EOC courses)

On the days of testing, please ensure that your child gets a full night's sleep and arrives at the bus stop or school on time. This will help ensure a smooth start to your child’s testing day.