Site Introduction

Welcome to Hoyland Elementary

Educating our Scholars in the richness of their past, the diversity of their present, and the possibilities for their future

     Over the last 2 years, our students, staff, families, and school community overcame so many adversities as a result of COVID-19.  We all did what was necessary to provide our students with the support they deserved and the educational experiences they needed to continue their development as effective learners. 

Requiring all of us to grow in ways we never expected.

       Quickly becoming an opportunity to really find out what our students needed and discover innovative ways that would allow them to learn more effectively.  The tremendous growth Hoyland made as an educational organization and the accomplishments of our scholars made during this time, was noticed.  Hoyland Elementary is now one of the first elementary campuses to be awarded the New Spring ISD Blended Learning Innovator Designation and implement a new laptop 1:1 program PK-5th specifically for our campus.

How is this different compared to what Hoyland was doing already?

Essentially, Hoyland Elementary Scholars will no longer be participating in the District’s Digital Learning Student Device program which was implemented to support our district’s previous PBL and Virtual Learning programs.  Which technology was just the tool being used to teach students in the same ways they were while in the classroom.  The Hoyland Elementary new Blended Learning Innovator program on the other hand focuses on the many ways technology can be leveraged to provide students with a more authentic learning experience, help shift teaching practices, and improve instructional delivery while in the classroom to more effectively meet the individual needs of each student.