Dress code

Marshall Student Dress Code

School is a place of business where learning takes place. Dress code regulations will provide appropriate standards for the general appearance of students, foster good physical and mental health, and encourage students in appropriate dress habits.  Parents should adhere to all SISD dress code regulations provided in the district handbook. 

  • Students should be neat, clean, and wear appropriate shoes (no flip-flops and/ or sandals) and dress appropriately.
  • Students’ shorts should be knee-length and should be worn at the waist.
  • Baggy, sagging, oversized pants are not allowed.
  • Tank tops are not allowed.
  • No clothing can be oversized or revealing.
  • Tights are allowed as long as the student wears shorts or a skirt over them (the shorts or skirt should also be to the knee).
  • Students are not allowed to wear hats in the building or on the bus.
  • Student’s hair should be neat, clean and hair color should not be a distraction to the educational process.
  • Chains of any length or size are not allowed and may become a safety issue in the gym and on the playground.
  • Students arriving at school with inappropriate clothing, hair color or accessories will be sent to the nurse (at the discretion of the teacher or an administrator) to call home so that an alternative can be arranged.
Sandra E. Lewis, M.Ed.
Assistant Principal
Spring ISD - Marshall Elementary School