Spring ISD District History Day

The History Department is proud to announce the winners of the RMS History Fair and the winners of the Spring ISD District History Fair. 1st and 2nd place winners will advance to the regional history fair at Lone Star Montgomery College on Saturday, February 23rd.


RMS History Fair:

Abigail Asana, 1st place, Individual Paper

Christin Combs, 1st place, Individual Documentary

Katherine Gullien & Linda Lazo, 1st place, Group Documentary

Sean Pierce & Thomas Saenz, 1st place

Colin Hill, 1st place, Individual Exhibit

Ryann Presley, 1st place, Individual Website

Eileen Liao, Estrella De Leon, Mycayla Smith, & Berenice Contreras


Spring ISD District History Fair Winners:

Abigail Asana, 1st place

Christin Combs, 1st place

Katherine Gullien & Linda Lazo, 1st place

Sean Pierce & Thomas Saenz, 1st place

Colin Hall, 2nd place

Ryann Presley, 3rd place

Nikolas Michalinos, 3rd place


1st & 2nd Place Winners will advance from the District History Fair to the Regional History Fair! Also, congratulations to our campus & district winners and everyone who participated in our successful history fair!