• Spring Rewards: investing in high performance
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    Spring Rewards is an investment in our educators and staff - to support their efforts to reach every student.

    In 2015, Superintendent Watson sought input from more than 1,000 stakeholders to develop our strategic plan.  The plan, Every Child 2020, sets our vision for the next five years.

    The Spring Rewards program is one way we are working toward meeting two goals - excellence in every school and high performance from every employee.  A design team that included district staff from every level - including teachers, campus leaders, and support staff - provided ideas and feedback to help refine the program over more than nine months.


    DEVELOP and acknowledge growth of staff

    MOTIVATE top performance and employee engagement

    RECRUIT AND RETAIN high-quality teachers

    IMPROVE student learning

    The Pillars

    All full-time teachers and classroom paraprofessionals with four or less absences are eligible to participate in Spring Rewards.

    Everyday Counts, Attendance Matters

    Our EVERYday Counts Attendance Matters incentive rewards teachers and classroom paraprofessionals who miss four or less days a year.

    Our Performance-Based Incentive rewards principals, teachers and classroom paraprofessionals who are making a difference with regards to student academic outcomes. Teachers can receive incentive pay both for their campus’ performance as well as their individual contribution to student outcomes at their school.

    Performance-based Incentive
    Expanded Career Growth

    Our Expanded Career Growth initiative continues to focus on providing teachers and classroom paraprofessionals opportunities to grow professionally in their craft as educators. Some growth opportunities have stipends available to further differentiate pay for those educators who take on additional responsibilities in support of improved student outcomes on their campus.

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