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Spring 2019 Registration

  •  Spring Registration

2018-19 Campus Improvement Plan

  • Campus Improvement Plan
    In accordance with the Texas Education Agency's regulations related to school-wide programs, a Campus Improvement Plan (CIP) was developed for the Virtual Learning Program.  This CIP was developed in response to an internal comprehensive needs assessment (CNA) and informal feedback from staff and students.  The CIP serves as the blueprint for how we can bring focus and coherence to reform activities designed to help all of our students succeed.

    2018-2019 Campus Improvement Plan

A Learning Experience Unlike Any Other!

  • The Virtual School is an online community of learners where passionate educators ensure learning by creating meaningful relationships while utilizing technology to engage students in quality instruction that is rigorous and relevant.

    Every Child 2020

Our Mission & Vision

  • MISSION Statement
    The Virtual Learning Program is dedicated to preparing every student for successful entry into college and/or the workforce by upholding a standard of excellence that fosters individualization, innovation, and inspiration.


    VISION Statement
    The Virtual Learning Program will serve as a flagship institution that provides a high quality, non-traditional learning environment where students experience opportunity and choice as they thrive academically, personally, and socially.

Our Beliefs

  • BELIEF Statements

    1. We believe education is a key component that determines the quality of a student’s future
    2. We believe student success is dependent upon the removal or minimization of distractions; and, this can only be achieved through a strong partnership with our families, communities, and neighboring schools
    3. We believe highly diverse learning environments designed to meet the unique needs and interests of all students are the only way to prepare students for success in a global society
    4. We believe students should be empowered to achieve their goals by teaching them to plan for success while exposing them to the varied opportunities needed to excel.
    5. We believe that anything less than excellent is below standard.

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