Financial Transparency

Our mission is to support Spring ISD and our community. One way we can achieve this is providing transparency through accounting, accounts payable, budget, business systems, cash management and payroll. Financial transparency is an ongoing goal for Spring ISD.

Where Does Our Money Come From?


Local sources of revenue generated 41.89% of all sources of revenue and increased by 6.78% over the previous Fiscal Year. The increase in local sources was a result of increased property tax collections due to an increase in assessed values in the district. Local revenues include property taxes, earnings on investments, and tuition and fees; nearly all of local revenues come from the collection of property taxes – what you, as a citizen, pay for educating our students.


State sources of revenue that support the general fund are the most significant for the district, representing 55.74% of all available sources of funding. State revenues decreased by 0.33% from the previous Fiscal Year. The decrease in state revenues is due to lower student enrollment and average daily attendance both of which impacts state aid received from the foundation school program.


Revenues received from federal sources constitute 2.37% of total revenues. Fiscal Year 2018 federal revenues experienced a 13.37% increase over the prior year. Most federal revenues received are reimbursements through Medicaid for certain health related services. The increase is due to an increase in the percent of expenditures eligible for Medicaid reimbursements.

Financial Resources

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  Adopted Budget - The official adopted budget
  Budget Review - A review update of anticipated revenues and expenditures
  Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) - Presentation of financial condition
  Check Registers - Consecutive monthly check registers for each fiscal year.
  Current Tax Rates - Districts current appraised value and tax rate per $100 valuation.
  Debt Information - Outstanding debt service obligations.
  Report of Cash and Investments - Quarterly reports and graphs
  Bond Pledge- A pledge by the superintendent
   Additional Information - School FIRST reports and elected officials.

2017-18 Financial Summary

General Fund, Child Nutrition, Debt Service Fund, Special Revenue and Capital Projects

Property taxes   185,527,945 43.1% 5,647
Tuition and fees   135,892 0.0% 4
Earnings on investments   4,429,999 1.0% 135
Food sales   2,408,198 0.6% 73
Other local   3,674,050 0.9% 112
Total State Revenue 179,467,184 41.7% 5,463
Total Federal Revenues 54,432,854 12.7% 1,657
Total Revenues 430,076,122 100% 13,091
Instruction 206,956,086 45.2% 6,299
Instructional resources and media services 2,518,337 0.6% 77
Curriculum and staff development 6,357,513 1.4% 194
Instructional leadership 9,398,857 2.1% 286
School leadership 19,772,204 4.3% 602
Guidance and couseling services 12,980,559 2.8% 395
Social work services 387,586 0.1% 12
Health services 2,776,430 0.6% 85
Student (pupil) transportation 23,081,943 5.1% 703
Child nutrition services 22,746,701 5.0% 692
Co-curricular activities 5,378,851 1.2% 164
General administration 12,009,524 2.6% 366
Plant maintenance and operations 27,522,222 6.0% 838
Security and monitoring services 6,270,488 1.4% 191
Data processing 14,169,807 3.1% 431
Community services 1,194,392 0.3% 36
Debt service 67,254,313 14.7% 2,047
Captial outlay 14,242,697 3.1% 434
Intergovernmental charges 1,951,882 0.4% 59
Total Expenditures $456,970,392 100.0% $13,911
Total Full Time Equivalent (FTE) Positions 4,948    

Spring ISD does not receive sales tax revenue.

How Is The Money Spent?


Costs of $263,348,699 include the gross salaries or wages and benefit costs for employee services.

Professional and Contracted Services

Costs of $20,471,442 were used for services rendered to the school district by firms, individuals, utility companies, and/or other organizations.

Supplies and Materials

Amounted to $10,322,266; these include textbooks, testing materials, fuel to transport children, and other general supplies and materials.

Debt Service

Costs of $47,390 was for principal and interest payments related to a capital lease obligation.

Capital Outlay

Capital outlay of $799,395 was spent on building acquisition, building improvements, buses and vehicles, furniture, and other equipment.

Other Operating Costs

Costs of $4,646,698 include student and staff travel fees, and property insurance.

Figures based on the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2018. (Popular Annual Financial Report)

Awards and Recognitions


Spring ISD Receives Recognition for Transparency Efforts from Texas Comptroller

Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar announced Spring Independent School District is the latest local government entity to achieve specific transparency goals through the Comptroller’s Transparency Stars program. Spring ISD received a star in the area of Traditional Finances, which recognizes entities for their outstanding efforts in making their spending and revenue information available. Transparency Stars recognizes local government entities that provide easy online access to important financial data.

Learn more about the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts' Transparency Stars program here.

Credit Ratings
  • Standards & Poor's: AA-
  • Moody: Aa2

Awards and Recognitions

  • Certificate of Achievement and Excellence in Financial Reporting (Government Finance Officers Association - GFOA) 2017
  • Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting (Association of School Business Officials- ASBO) 2017

Public Information Requests

Access to information maintained by the Spring Independent School District may be requested in accordance with the Texas Public Information Act. Please visit the Spring ISD Public Information page for more information.