Spring ISD "The Vine" Mentoring Program

  • Vision Statement

    The Vine, Spring ISD’s Mentoring Program, will give students a caring adult mentor in their lives committed to guiding, teaching, coaching, listening, modeling, advocating, and cheering for their success by building a trusting relationship that will encourage them to achieve their dreams.

    Mission Statement

    The Vine, Spring ISD’s Mentoring Program, prepares students to be lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and responsible citizens who display good character – ready to contribute, compete, and lead in today’s global society.

    What is "The Vine" Mentoring Program?

    “The Vine is the source of life for the branches. It provides the water and nutrients by which fruit are produced.”

    The Vine Mentoring Program is designed to introduce our students to a source of encouragement, support, empowerment, and guidance. Every Vine mentor will be the source of support our students need to help them realize and fulfill their potential. As a result, our Spring ISD branches (students) will become fruitful staples within the communities they serve and be ready to contribute, compete, and lead in today’s global society.

    The Vine Mentoring Program, provides students a positive relationship with a caring adult while helping to advance their leadership and communication skills, community service responsibility, providing social and emotional supports, and increasing college and career opportunities.

    What is a Vine Program Mentor?

    A Vine Program Mentor will be a source of encouragement that each Spring ISD student needs to push them towards success. They are guides, teachers, coaches, listeners, role models, advocates, cheerleaders, and so much more.

    Expected Outcomes

    Student participants will:

    1. Show a significant decrease in disciplinary infractions
    2. Show an increase in student attendance
    3. Show an increase in academic progress
    4. Learn of college and career opportunities available to them

    Interested in becoming a Vine Program mentor?

    • Commit to spending time 30 minutes to 1 hour with a student each week for one school year either in-person or virtually.

    • Review, understand, and agree to The Vine Mentoring Program expectations.

    • Please complete The Vine Mentoring Program Interest Form and The Spring ISD VIPS Application.

    • Attend a district mentor training hosted by the Vine Mentoring Program coordinators.

    Contact Dr. Lorena Zertuche, Community Engagement Coordinator at mentoring@springisd.org for more information. 

  • The Vine Mentoring Program
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