• Returning Student - Annual Student Update

    Families of students new to Spring ISD need to complete new student registration.
    Need help?
    For step-by-step instructions, open our Parent Guide for Returning Student Online Registration.

    If you have any questions along the way, please contact your campus.
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    Welcome back to the 2020-21 school year!

    This electronic, online process is required each year for all Spring ISD students. From the comfort of your home, parents and guardians are able to electronically review, update and sign all required documentation for your child in one spot.

    This year, the process will look a little different, and will require that parents and guardians link their Home Access Center (HAC) account to their PowerSchool Enrollment account.

    You will need the account login information for both accounts to perform the one time link of the accounts. But once the link occurs, you will only need your SpringISD Portal login information in the future.

    Please note that returning students are those who were enrolled with a Spring ISD campus on the last day of the 2019-20 school year. If you’ve moved within Spring ISD, don’t worry, as long as your family is still within our attendance boundaries.

    Here's what parents/guardians need to do:

    1. my.springisd.org portal login pageclick to enlarge
      Go to my.springisd.org portal.
    2. Log in using the username provided to you by the district.
    3. Home Access Center (HAC) icon in my.springisd.org portalclick to enlarge
      Once logged in, open the Home Access Center (HAC) icon.
    4. Home Access Center: Registration icon | Update Enrollment tabclick to enlarge
      Make sure you have the Registration icon selected and then select the Update Enrollment tab.
    5. Home Access Center: Available Forms | Returning Student Registration | Startclick to enlarge
      Under Available Forms, select Start to complete the 2021 Returning Student Registration Form.
    6. Returning Student Registration | Link PowerSchool accountclick to enlarge
      Click Begin Forms, be sure to click comply.
    7. If the student's date of birth is not valid, please contact 281-891-6337 or your campus for assistance or complete a Returning Student Support form.
    8. Returning Student Registration | Date of Birth Authenticationclick to enlarge
      Enter the student’s date of birth to begin the form.

    For parents of more than one student, you will need to complete the registration of one student FIRST and submit it.

    Once you have successfully submitted one Returning Student Registration, return to Home Access Center (HAC) and click on the current student name in the top right of the header. Select the next student from the list and then click Submit.

    If you have questions, please view the FAQs for Returning Students or contact our district support number at 281-891-6337.