• Returning Students - Annual Update

  • Welcome to the 2021-22 School Year!

    In order to ensure a strong start to the school year, we need all parents and guardians to complete the annual student update process as soon as possible. This important, online process will allow our campuses to finalize student schedules and plan appropriately for the upcoming school year. 

    Just like last year, we  will require that parents/guardians log into the Spring ISD website www.springisd.org then click on the MySpringISD portal icon. From within the portal, you’ll be able log into the Home Access Center to access the annual update.

    We have outlined the specific steps below and are also linking a Parent Guide that provides detailed instructions with screenshots.  If you require any additional support please contact your campus.

    Please don’t delay in completing this annual update so we can keep you informed of all campus and district news such as afterschool programs, free/reduced meals, bus transportation, schedules and all of the services you and your students rely on.  

    So here’s what the primary parent/guardian will need to do to log in and complete the Annual Update for each child in the district:

    LOG IN

    1. Go to www.springisd.org, then click on the MySpringISD icon and enter the Portal  and log-in using your Username and  Password
      1. This is the same Username and Password that you use to view student grades and attendance
      2. If you are having trouble logging into the Portal, and/or you can't remember your Username and/or Password please contact your campus-or review the parent guide. 
      3. Use the same Username and Password that you just used for the Portal to log into the Home Access Center (HAC) to continue with the application process


    1. Make sure you have the Registration icon selected and then select the Update Enrollment tab 
    2. Under Available Forms, select “Start” to complete the 2022 Returning Student Registration Form
    3. Enter the student’s date of birth to begin the form 

    For parents of more than one student, you will need to complete the registration of one student FIRST and submit it. 

    Once you have successfully submitted one Returning Student Registration, return to Home Access Center (HAC) and click on the current student name in the top right of the header. Select the next student from the list and then click Submit.

    If you have questions, please contact your campus or our district support number at 281-891-6337.

    Parents and guardians are required to complete their student’s registration prior to the first day of school on Aug. 11.

Returning Students
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If you have questions, please contact your campus. For a list of campuses and their phone numbers, use our School Directory:

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