• Blueprint for Excellent Equitable Outcomes
    Every Student—Every Teacher—Every Day

A Special Message from our Superintendent of Schools

  • Dear Spring ISD Community,

    It gives me great pleasure to introduce you, our entire Spring ISD community – including families, friends, district staff, partner organizations and businesses, and other stakeholders – to Spring ISD’s strategic plan, Every Student—Every Teacher—Every Day, Our Blueprint for Excellent Equitable Outcomes.

    The work done in Spring ISD the past few years in conjunction with our previous strategic plan, EveryChild2020, has helped us lay a solid foundation for the future. We’ve expanded access to innovative academic programs across the district; we’ve increased college and career readiness and connected more students to dual-credit and certification options to give them a head start on achieving their postsecondary and career goals; and we’ve dramatically increased our ability to give our youngest students the tools they need to succeed through our early childhood programs and the expansion of Pre-K to every Spring ISD elementary school.

    These accomplishments are cause to celebrate, but it’s up to us now, with this new blueprint in hand, to build on that foundation. It’s up to us to move forward, in strength and with a confident sense of hope, joyfully committed to serving our amazing students and helping each of them reach their full, extraordinary potential.

    Based on what we’ve learned since we launched EveryChild2020, the board committed last summer to six priorities that would guide us into the next stage of our work: Student Outcomes, Opportunities, Leadership, Well-Being, Engagement, and Equity. Those six priorities are the cornerstones of the plan before you now. I also want to recognize our Spring ISD community, which was also an integral part of the development of this strategic plan. Organizations and representatives such as the ACE Committee, our Ministerial Alliance and various Fine Arts families, in addition to Spring ISD principals, provided us with invaluable input that helped shape this booklet, which represents our district’s path and vision for the next five years. I want to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to those who helped develop this strategic plan.

    This strategic plan is a roadmap for where we’re heading as a district. It includes students and teachers in its title because we understand, as educators and as a district, that the journey of teaching and learning starts in classrooms across Spring ISD in the vital interactions between teachers and students.

    Everything we do as a district, we do to support these everyday interactions and help make them as effective, impactful, inspirational and empowering as they can possibly be. Doing so is vital to our work as educators, and to our mission of preparing our students not just for graduation, but for everything that follows – for success in college, in calling, and in life.

    I am incredibly excited for the opportunity to serve as your Superintendent as we move together into the next chapter of our journey as a district. Although these have been challenging times for education, they are also exciting times, and I believe they are especially exciting times for us here in Spring ISD.

    In talking with members of our community, I’ve felt the excitement about this next phase in our development. I know many of you are so ready – ready for a new day, new possibilities, new horizons to pursue, and new opportunities to better serve students.

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